Vegas Classic Cars

Vegas Classic Muscle Cars has been a client of On Guard Fire Protection since 2014. Knowing how important it is to protect their inventory and showroom full of classic muscles cars, Vegas Classic Muscle Cars began working with On Guard Fire Protection to ensure the safety of their building. They now rely on On Guard Fire Protection for their quarterly and annual fire suppression system testing and inspections in Las Vegas, NV. The inspections and testing ensure that everything is working properly and reliably in case the worst should happen.

Vegas Classic Muscle Cars client of On Guard Fire Protection for fire safety requirements Las Vegas

On Guard Fire Protection was also called in recently to replace a fire monitoring radio, and we provide other services when needed or requested. We can also provide sprinkler systems, hydrants, alarm systems, extinguishers, and exit signs when needed to ensure every aspect of fire safety and protection is accounted for. When it comes to fire protection and safety we want our customers to be confident that their buildings are safe so that they can sleep easy at night.

Vegas Classic Cars is just one of our clients. We’ve worked with many others ranging from residential developers to large commercial projects that include installations, inspections, and testing of fire and safety equipment. You can find more info about our other clients on our Projects page or by looking through the list of previous companies we’ve worked with for their fire protection and safety needs.

Vegas Classic Muscle Cars is located at 580 Parkson Rd. Henderson, NV 89011. They have an amazing inventory of beautiful and classic 60’s and 70’s muscle cars. While their showroom is located in Las Vegas, NV they sell not only locally, but nationally and internationally as well. You can find more info about Vegas Classic Muscle Cars on their website. When you call or visit them, tell them On Guard Fire Protection sent you!

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