Fire Protection Services

Fire Sprinkler System – There are several types of fire sprinkler systems used today. On Guard Fire Protection specializes in the following systems, Quick Response, Standard Response, CMSA, CPVC and ESFR. All of these systems work off of the same principle, that when a fire reaches a certain temperature, water is released from pipes through nozzles automatically protecting life and property.

Fire Alarm System – While Fire Sprinkler Systems work to put out the fire, Fire Alarm Systems are used for early detection of fires. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems sense the hazard and transmit a signal to the fire alarm control panel which in turn tells the different aspects of the system what to do. Whether it be turning on or shutting off air handler units, releasing doors, sending a signal to the fire suppression systems to turn on, or notifying the occupants of the building of a fire.

Other systems provided by On Guard Fire Protection:

On Guard Fire Protection