Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are known across the world for their quality and design. When Harley-Davidson decided to build their largest store on the west coast on the world famous Las Vegas strip, it was On Guard Fire Protection that they called to for their fire safety needs. When it comes to ensuring that your store is safe from fire, and that your equipment is safe and tested regularly, On Guard Fire protection is the company you want to call for fire safety.

Harley Davidson Fire Protection and fire safety done by On Guard Fire Protection in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson is just one of our many clients. We’ve worked with many others ranging from residential developers to large commercial projects that include installations, inspections, and testing of fire and safety equipment. You can find more info about our other clients on our Projects page or by looking through the list of previous companies we’ve worked with for their fire protection and safety needs.

The Las Vegas Harley-Davidson is located at 5191 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119. They have an amazing selection of their brand named Harley-Davidson motorcyles that can be viewed in their showroom. Not only do they sell Harley-Davidsons at their store, they rent them too! Their Las Vegas store is the only Harley-Davidson authorized motorcycle rental store in Las Vegas and the largest on the West Coast. You can find more info about Las Vegas Harley-Davidson on their website. When you call or visit them, tell them On Guard Fire Protection sent you!

On Guard Fire Protection