Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Bay is one of the few water parks located in Henderson, Nevada which is roughly twenty minutes from the Las Vegas strip. To ensure the safety of the customers and employees, Cowabunga Bay as enlisted On Guard Fire Protection to handle the testing and inspection of their fire sprinkler systems on a regular basis. Yes, even water parks require sprinkler systems! When it comes to fire safety, On Guard Fire Protection is the place to call.

On Guard Fire Protection client Cowabunga Bay Waterpark where On Guard tests and inspects their sprinkler systems regularly

Cowabunga Bay is just one of the clients we’ve worked with. We’ve worked with many others ranging from residential developers to large commercial projects that include installations, inspections, and testing of fire and safety equipment. You can find more info about our other clients on our Projects page or by looking through the list of previous companies we’ve worked with for their fire protection and safety needs.

Cowabunga Bay is located at 900 Galleria Dr. Henderson, NV 89011. Besides the escape from the heat of Las Vegas that Cowabunga Bay offers with its water slides, they also have an assortment of shops, food and attractions. There is fun for the whole family, and it’s not far from malls, hotels and other interesting places in Las Vegas. You can find more info about Cowabunga Bay on their website. When you call or visit them, tell them On Guard Fire Protection sent you!

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